My experience @ JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2012

I would like introduce to you the Persons I came across: Tori Wieldt: Java Developer Community Lead, Oracle..She never fails to forget that smile to whomsoever she meets..Extremely good at technology and networking people…..Discovering the latent talents in people(Pls add me to that list Tori..:-))

Yara Senger: She leads the Jduchess Brazil…Enthusiatic female.She is part of Jhome project.. We had a discussion along with Torri about Women in Technology, How to expand JDuchess and many more. The points of Yara were very true. She told Quality is important than Quantity. Women have to strike a balance between family and work, so we cannot expect all time physical presence. Hence we can have discussions in Skype etc.. I too agreed and added to have Webinars, Webconferences etc..We also had an oppurtunity to perform Oracle’s Podcast on East meets west (not Vs). It was my pleasure meeting her.

Terrance Barr:

  • Senior Technologist, Mobile and Embedded Technologies.
  • What an amazing Hands on Lab on Embedded Java it was…
  • As I am also working in the same area.. I was attending all his sessions..It was extremely brainstorming.I came to know about all that java can do in Embedded and Mobile world..And he proved Java was born to rock the world of Embedded and Mobile apart from other areas as JavaEE, JavaSE etc…It is a real innovation with Java Embedded.

    He told about these Java innovations in Embedded World:

  • Blueray will have Java in it – hows and whys i am unaware
  • Advanced VOIP phone will have entire stack in Java
  • Kronos In touch Smart Time clock – can be used in meeting rooms
  • Java in Smart metering and meter management -Technology they are using in France
  • Smart Connected HVAC system – related to the previous one
  • M2M experimentation platform
    • GuruPlug – the device which we used in Hands on LAB session –

      Features : ARM/Linux, 1.2GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 512MB Flash, USB,WiFi, MicroSD,Low power <20watts

      This was the one which I liked the most..Little cool device which can make your life simple..this reminds me similar category boards like – Friendly ARM , Beagle Board, Fit PC’s and yes Atom Boards. Though it is little expensive ($150) it is worth it..But still there is one more shreded functionality device which they have developed for School kids..Rasberry Pie..(I think it is around $30.),

  • Java Card – A way to add programmatic intelligence to smart card and many more..

Arun Gupta:

  • Glass Fish Guy and ambassader for JavaEE from Oracle.

    The best in him is attitude towards Java Communities..When ever there is an oppurtunity for him to speak..He never fails to launch his inner call for Java communities and be member of those communities..I do agree with his views..If communities were not there people like us would never got a chane to interact with these extreme brains of our times..

Sarath Chander:

  • Principal Product Director, Java One program Chairperson.

    The real man responsible for all of us to be there…

Jim Weaver:

  • The man of JavaFX

    A man of young technology…So he seems much younger in his thoughts.

Karthick Shyam Sunder: He was a Rock Star of 2010 Java One. People who attended session on Hadoop told his session was very informative. I had an oppurtunity to discuss about various modern era issues of computing and his forecast about future is Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence will rule the world. And He also added that students should be strong in Data Structures.

There are many more people like this who have added value to my life..So please do not miss programs like this…because you may miss a Paradigmn shift of your life…Thanks for patient reading..See you soon with much more fascinating moments…


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